Tuesday, March 17, 2015

…And Snow Religion Too

Fox News discovered the plot to ruin religious holiday celebrations by godless public schools: make it snow!

Tantaros’ comments were fueled by an Easton, Mass. school district that had to extend its school year to June 29 because of how much snow the Boston area received this year. In preparation for next year, the district chose to get rid of two Jewish holidays and a Christian holiday so the school year wouldn’t have to be extended.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), who appeared as the show’s “One Lucky Guy,” helped Tantaros reach her conclusion by being the first to criticize liberals who, he said, were using the record snowfall to their advantage.

“Don’t let any good crisis go to waste, and if you want to take religion out of the public square, look at Boston, look at all the snow and say, ‘What a great reason. Now we can take these religious holidays out of our school system,'” Duffy said. “It’s using the crisis to the liberal benefit.”

Somehow Al Gore is behind this.

Of course, we have yet to figure out how to mess with Purim and St. Crispin’s Day here in Florida with extra snow days.