Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Common Knowledge

Ted Cruz says one of his dreams is to “repeal every word of Common Core.”

Oh, that sounds like a great idea: repeal the federally-mandated curriculum that each state must implement or risk losing federal grants.

Except it’s bullshit.  All of it.  First, Common Core is not a law, so it can’t be repealed.  Second, it is not “federally-mandated.”  Common Core was voluntarily adopted by the states.  Third, the U.S. Department of Education cannot, by federal law, dictate to the states or school districts what they have in their curricula.  Fourth, the major federal education grant, Race To The Top, has nothing to do with Common Core.  RTTT, which came out in 2010, has been distributed already, and so whatever funds are still left to be spent were not and cannot be held up based on compliance with Common Core, which doesn’t require compliance in the first place.

Ted Cruz knows all of this, and yet he is making up shit about it.  Why?  Because he knows he can fool his followers into believing him.

3 barks and woofs on “Common Knowledge

  1. And he didn’t even have the common sense to grab the domain names of TedCruz.com or TedCruzforpresident.com. You should see all the fun people are having now on these sites.

  2. Cruz is that special high-functioning moron that gets rewarded for having an aptitude for some specialized knowledge, typically by admission to and graduation from some respected higher learning institution. This is a not especially uncommon scenario: someone with a talent for a very precise discipline (particle physics, neurosurgery, chaos theory, Medieval English writers of soft pr0n) who has no idea how to function outside that discipline and no clue that s/he’s not as functional outside that discipline as s/he is in it. That doesn’t make for “moron” precisely, and doesn’t qualify for “diploma humping” so much as recognize that higher ed is geared to recognizing talent in fairly specific fields – and to conveniently ignoring that skills applicable to the real world are at least as important to survival outside acadaemia. Cruz benefits, in turn, for having his moronic side lauded by people who think that being a goof is somehow respectable; and from having learned just enough interpersonal skills to think that by verbally assaulting anyone with more real-world skills than he has, he’s actually winning the arguments (instead of causing his opponents to give up on him as a lost cause immune to reason).

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