Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Curiosity Shop

Here’s a spam e-mail that I got today:

Am Donald Bren from D&B Sons Ltd with regards to your company ,I would  like to order 250 Pices of 30 x 30  Glass and below is the specifications….

Order:Flat Glass
Sizes:30″x 30″
QTY:250 Pieces

kindly email me with a total the picked up price for this sizes and please if you don’t have this size or type available kindly email me with similar types and sizes that you have available..Also please let me know the method of payment you do accept in your company Master Card, Visa Card ,Amex etc.,I will be waiting for your kind response so we can proceed.

Best Regards
Donald Bren
D&B Sons Ltd .

So either Mr. Bren is confused to the point of bewilderment, or it’s some kind of phishing scam after my e-mail address with the hope of using it to send out spam for boner pills and the like.  A couple of weeks ago someone phished my e-mail name and sent out crap to the point that I couldn’t use the address and had to change the password.

Has anyone else gotten this kind of e-mail, and does anyone know what the real motive is?

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  1. We get something almost identical every few weeks, except that in our case it involves furniture (we own an upholstery shop). I have no idea where it comes from or what the motive is; I just delete it immediately.

  2. What must happen is Google. You and we were dealers in plate glass in Michigan. You can run but you can’t hide.

  3. On a semi-regular basis, I get an email from someone in a foreign country (Turkey seems to be particularly common) inquiring about ordering industrial grade rubber tubing. I had assumed it was just what happens when I name my blog “rubber hose.” I didn’t realize that people who blogs with names that could not reasonably be confused with an industrial supplier also get similar messages.

  4. its an alien plot to get your IP address, whatever you do, DON’T RESPOND. They will send a bug into your system, when you fall asleep the bug will crawl out and bury itself in the back of your neck. over night a giant pod will grow on your bed and in the morning you will wake up as a mind controlled zombie. Sorry that was the plot of the great 50’s sci-fi movie. I think their looking for email address that can be used to send spam junk mail to everyone in the connected address book and so on.

  5. Nothing to do with your business ties. Completely random. I get fabric ones, steel ones, and so on.

    It’s just a ploy to verify valid emails. Once there, you get one to “gold” lists people sell and your email life will go to hell in a hand basket.

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