Friday, March 27, 2015

How Would They Know?

In light of Indiana now codifying anti-gay discrimination into state law, the question arises: how would the businesses that seek to use the law know who’s gay so they can refuse them service?  Via Balloon Juice:

1.) What criteria will business owners be using to determine who is and who is not gay? Ordering a latte? Saying please? Not liking President Bush? Or do you just have to be suspiciously gay-like to impinge enough on someone’s religious freedom to warrant being denied service.

2.) As the Klan also operated under the auspices of Christianity, what is to keep businesses from kicking out or denying service to blacks, and when confronted, just say “Oh, we didn’t kick them out because they were black, we kicked them out because they were gay.”

It’s not like we wear signs or pink triangles.

I am curious to know who’s going to pay for defending the state in the inevitable lawsuits that will be brought against the state for passing such a law.  Should every taxpayer in Indiana foot the bill for defending this bigotry, and does the state have funding in their budget to pay for it?

Also, as noted yesterday, the backlash has already begun and it’s more than just fair-minded Christians.  Businesses are having second thoughts about doing business in the Hoosier State.  That more than anything should get the attention of the Republicans because if there’s one thing that will get them to abandon their sacred principles of adoring the Baby Jesus, it’s money.

Indiana isn’t the first state to pass such a bill, but it is the first that has a large and varied corporate profile.  Major industries and sports franchises are located in the state, and very few of them are willing to sacrifice both their public image and their bottom line in defense of bigotry.

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