Thursday, March 12, 2015

Off The Table

Texas executed a murderer last night, and now they’re down to just one dose of the drugs used to inflict capital punishment.

Officials say they are trying to obtain more of the drug, but a recent court decision that says the names of suppliers must be public could make that difficult. States around the country are facing drug shortages because manufacturers refuse to sell their chemicals for capital punishment.

Here’s an idea: ban capital punishment, like most of the rest of the civilized world.  Problem solved.

3 barks and woofs on “Off The Table

  1. There’s always the firing squad. They’re trying to pass that bill in Montana. Or the guillotine. Or burning at the stake. Those two will attract a crowd and you could sell tickets. Use your imagination, Texas.

    • Correction: Utah not Montana. And I read, as you write below, the law was passed and Governor is thinking about signing it. Sigh.

  2. there’s always stoning to death, that way everyone can participate in the punishment.
    Did you hear the one, “let ye who is without sin cast the first stone…… a little old lady pushes through the crowd picks up the biggest stone she can find and hurls it with deadly accuracy…. moments later in an aggravated voice rings out……mother sometimes you just piss me off”

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