Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Hillary Clinton answered questions about her e-mail at a press conference yesterday.  I’ll let Wonkette take it from there.

And … Hillary Clinton was sort of … perfect? I mean, not to be a gay guy or a racist old Kentucky lady, but strictly on style, I liked her! Have you ever seen Hillary Clinton be loose, and funny, and roll her eyes a little (in a perfect way) about this dumb bullshit she has to deal with because YOU PEOPLE are freaking CRAZY, but she’s a professional so deal with it she will!


First, someone prepped her to actually take responsibility for the decision to have her email on “one device” instead of two. In retrospect, that “convenience” was not convenient at all! But the end of the world? Not judging by how Hillary Clinton is LAUGHING AT YOU!


Second, can anyone blame Hillary Clinton for not wanting the world to see her yelling at Chelsea’s wedding planner? Or how bad she was at yoga? NOPE. We all agree — unless you’re REALLY invested in this “scandal” — that oh, yeah, that is a thing that is fine. Five thousand emails deleted? Seems okay! Most of them were probably from Emily’s List anyway.

Third, she came across as truthful. She just did. When she said she directed her staff to err on the side of anything possibly work-related being turned over to State, did you think she was lying? I didn’t! (I still think State should have dug around in the wedding planning itself.)

Fourth, here is Fox’s summation of the press conference, because of course it is. “Hillary Loses Her Nerve, Set To Scrum With Reporters.” Well, that’s one way of looking at it!

In conclusion, Hillary also said some communications were “from my husband and me” instead of “from my husband and I,” so I am now an actual full-fledged Hillary fan, Hillary ’16 and all that bullshit, YOU BETCHA.

Cue up the Fox News/Orcosphere banshee-screech-level overreach which will soon bore the hell out of everyone else who doesn’t care one whit about this and will soon be tending to their own e-mails by bulk-deleting fwd’s from their crazy uncle who still thinks Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster because he was going to tell the Warren Commission that it was her on the grassy knoll in Dallas.

Charlie Pierce:

Oh, and “Turn Over The Server!” is going to be the new “What About The Billing Records?” Guaranteed. Drinks all around at the Mena Airport Lounge.


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  1. Be that as it may, my friend Frank Bruni writes that he wishes the Clintons would stop getting themselves into these fixes where they have to face the music AGAIN. They want their privacy so they’re all defensive about being spied on while at the same time they invite the snooping and the blogging mud that splashes all over them. One hopes the coming campaign will show us a straight forward, up front Hillary – if there is such an animal. “Convenience” – please don’t talk about no room in your purse for two iPhones

  2. You can have 2 emails on one phone, unless you’re an idiot. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is an idiot, but she does not do the homework to even know what a lousy excuse this is. Technically non-proficient is a good description of Hillary. I didn’t care for her the last time she ran for president, and I don’t get any warm fuzzy for her now. She’s still better than anyone who could get through the Republican primaries, any time in the last 30 years, and probably any time in the next 20, at least, but I can think of a million Democrats, including myself, I’d rather vote for. That crap about being shot at? What a load of horseshit.

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