Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some People Will Believe Anything

Yesterday the right-wing blogosphere lit up with rumors of a news story overheard in the bathroom of a train station in Tel Aviv that President Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes that were on their way to attack Iran.

It would be an amazing scoop. “Well placed sources” in the Israeli government confess that after many nights of “deliberation” Israel had actually prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities last year. That plan only thwarted when President Obama himself threatened to shoot down the Israeli planes. Wow.

Now major publications like FoxNews.com and The Daily Caller in addition to the usual suspects in the conservative blogosphere have picked up on the “report.” It was even the lead story on Drudge.

​It fits so neatly into many conservatives pre-conceived notion of President Obama’s Israel policy — except, of course, that it’s almost certainly untrue.

The source of the report so absurd that one might think it emanated from the parody site The Onion. Try and keep this straight: a Bethlehem-based news agency called Ma’an cited a Kuwaiti newspaper called Al-Jarida which is now, in turn, being cited by something called Israel National News which is serving as the source for the American publications.

But it was on Drudge!  And Fox News!  Right after the ad for natural Viagra and how to buy gold as a hedge against the coming world economic collapse when the homos take over.