Thursday, March 5, 2015

Supreme Humor

Justice Antonin Scalia got off a good one yesterday during the Supreme Court’s hearing on the Obamacare case.  Solicitor General Don Verrilli warned that millions of people could lose their health insurance if the Court ruled to strip away subsidies.  Mr. Scalia wondered why it couldn’t be fixed by legislative action:

SCALIA: What about Congress? You really think Congress is just going to sit there while all of these disastrous consequences ensue? I mean, how often have we come out with a decision such as the ­­ you know, the bankruptcy court decision? Congress adjusts, enacts a statute that takes care of the problem. It happens all the time. Why is that not going to happen here?

VERRILLI: Well, this Congress?

[Roars of laughter]

Translation: “Are you high, your honor?”

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