Tuesday, March 24, 2015

That Which Must Not Be Named

Folks are having fun with Gov. Rick Scott’s unspoken rule that the words “climate change” not be used by members of his administration.

Bryan Koon, the Florida chief of emergency management, testified at the hearing on the state’s request for federal funding to improve safety notifications ahead of natural disasters, according to the Miami Herald. During the hearing, Clemens referenced reports that FEMA will require states seeking preparedness funds to include an assessment of how climate change could impact their state.

Clemens asked Koon if he was aware that FEMA will “be requesting or demanding that states have a climate change plan before they’re going to issue some of these preparedness dollars.”

“That one refers to a state’s hazard mitigation plan, which is done every five years, and the next iterations of them will require to have language to that effect,” Koon responded, avoiding the term “climate change.”

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