Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Sphincter Element

Josh Marshall summarizes the reasons Ted Cruz will never become president.

Most people, including most Republicans, find Ted Cruz grating, divisive and arrogant. That makes it extremely hard to make the kind of emotive connection with voters who come to elections without strong ideological moorings. Cruz’s great strength, albeit with a small but intensely devoted slice of the national conservative electorate, is that he has taken the unbridled self-assertion and norm-breaking which make him intolerable to many up close and cast them as the ultimate expression of the right-wing id. Also another thing, people don’t like assholes.


Ted Cruz does not play ball. He is arrogant. He causes lots of damage for Republicans who either have moderate views or are in the business of politics. Ted is not good for business in either the good or bad senses of the term – whether that’s people who simply want to govern or those most focused on delivering goods for constituents (or getting people who are not named Ted Cruz elected). Ted will never be elected president. And I think it is very, very unlikely he will get the GOP nomination. The most likely outcome is that he will pull well with far right Republicans and pull the field to the right.

To summarize, pass the popcorn.

Make mine Redenbacher Buttered, please.

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  1. I’ve abandoned Orville. They’ve done something weird to the pop process by making you put in a lot of plastic that supposedly makes a bag to hold the popped corn (which means less volume) and they’ve gotten stingy with the butter. Newman’s doesn’t make the grade either, although I’m a loyal buyer of their salsa and pasta sauces. No, Pop-Secret Extra Butter passes my taste test. So I guess I’ll bring my own to your party.

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