Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wagon Train

Eighth in the series…

1974 Ford Pinto wagon1974 Ford Pinto wagon.  Dad traded in his 1970 Thunderbird for a red bare-bones manual transmission wagon from Kistler Ford in Toledo.  We were in the height of the oil embargo and he needed something that was more economical on fuel.  I remember borrowing it to bring back my stuff to Perrysburg from my apartment in Minneapolis in the spring of 1977.  The 1,000 mile round-trip proved that it was not really a road-trip wagon: no cruise control, no FM radio, and very thin padding on the seats.

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  1. According to Car and Driver magazine, the Pinto got about 20-23 mpg with the little four-cylinder engine. That was pretty good for those days.

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