Monday, April 6, 2015

Bought and Paid For

Of course the Republicans support Israel and would do anything to protect our ally.

As the proposed agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is debated in coming weeks, President Obama will make his case to a Congress controlled by Republicans who are more fervently pro-Israel than ever, partly a result of ideology, but also a product of a surge in donations and campaign spending on their behalf by a small group of wealthy donors.

One of the surprisingly high-profile critics is Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who burst to prominence with a letter signed by 46 Republican colleagues to leaders of Iran warning against a deal. Mr. Cotton, echoing criticism by Israeli leaders, swiftly denounced the framework reached on Thursday as “a list of dangerous U.S. concessions that will put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons” — words, his colleagues say, that expressed his deep concern about Iran’s threat to Israel’s security.

But it is also true that Mr. Cotton and other Republicans benefited from millions in campaign spending in 2014 by several pro-Israel Republican billionaires and other influential American donors who helped them topple Democratic opponents.

As long as the checks clear.

4 barks and woofs on “Bought and Paid For

  1. I’m a fired-up Tom Cotton. Friend’s, I’m about to open an all-microwave pizza parlor called, NukeEmNow! I could use some start-up help, Y’all.

  2. The one thing I do not see in any of the conversations that have been going on about Iran is how we got in such a conflicted state of affairs.

    This is not to justify the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran and the subsequent fallout, but a quick reminder of what put us in shitstorm we have been experiencing in the last 30 year.

    The US of A overturned a democratically elected government and installed a ruthless dictator who savaged his own country. All because we wanted to capture their oil wealth.

    Anybody surprised they were pissed at us? Just imagine what the middle east would have become if we were fair with them and that the religious fundamentalist did not rise to their current level of power.

    Maybe it is time to use diplomacy and treat the Iranians as equals, instead of listening to the people who have gotten it wrong continuously.

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