Saturday, April 18, 2015

Buy The Book

Here at the Inge Festival one thing we writers like to do is shamelessly self-promote our work while going for the full humble-brag.  “Why, yes, I’ve written a few little plays and they’ve had some productions.  And oh yes, they’re on sale in the lobby and I happen to have a couple of copies here in my suitcase.  May I sign them for you?  Will that be cash or credit?”

Scripts at Inge 04-17-15

“Ask Me Anything and Other Short Plays” (red) “Can’t Live Without You” (yellow)

Well, we’re not all as brazen as that, but hey, if you’ve got ’em, sell ’em.

Today is the scholars’ conference where I will present my paper on the one-act plays of William Inge, then go to an event in a storefront in downtown Independence called “Writers Write Here.”  The idea is for writers to show a work in progress and how they actually write.  In other words, I’ll be writing in front of an audience.  It just so happens I have a work in progress to show them… plus copies of my other works.  What a coincidence.