Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Florida Ends Ban on Gay Adoption

It’s already been ruled unconstitutional, but it’s a good thing.

Florida’s ban on gay adoption is getting tossed out by the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature.

The Florida Senate on Tuesday voted 27-11 for an adoption bill that repeals the law first passed in 1977. It now heads to Gov. Rick Scott.

Sen. Don Gaetz, the sponsor of the bill, called the current ban “meaningless” because it is no longer enforced. An appeals court ruled it unconstitutional in 2010.

But Sen. Alan Hays called the repeal of the ban “a poison pill.” He urged legislators to consider the long-term implications of repealing the ban.

The House has passed a separate “conscience” law that would allow faith-based organizations handling adoptions to refuse to let gays adopt. It’s not clear if the Senate will pass the measure.

As for the so-called “conscience” law, I wouldn’t put it past them to say it’s better for some kid to stay in the foster care system rather than be adopted by a same-sex couple because Jesus does not want to see two daddies kissing.  Ick.