Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No Me Digas

I know a lot of Anglo-looking Hispanic people, but come on.

There is little doubt that Jeb Bush possesses strong credentials for appealing to Hispanic voters.

He speaks fluent Spanish. His wife, Columba, was born in Mexico. For two years in his 20s, he lived in Venezuela, immersing himself in the country’s culture. He was born in Texas and is a former governor of Florida, two states with large Hispanic populations.

But on one occasion, it appears, Mr. Bush may have become a bit carried away: He listed himself as Hispanic on a 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County.


The New York Times obtained Mr. Bush’s application from the Miami-Dade County Elections Department. Florida law requires that the signature, driver’s license number and Social Security number be redacted before such a document is publicly released.

Mr. Bush, whose father and brother were president, is from a family that has been found to have strong ties to British and other European royalty.

Well, there was that brief dalliance between Queen Elizabeth I and the King of Spain back in the 1500’s…

It’s being explained by his minions that it was a simple error; he checked the wrong box on the registration form.  Yeah, okay, that sounds like a reasonable excuse.  Of course, if he was a Democrat, it would garner breaking news coverage on Fox.

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  1. Correction, please (I’ve been reading the biography) – it wasn’t just a dalliance, it was a full-blown marriage between Queen MARY (Tudor and Henry VIII’s daughter by Katherine of Aragon)and Philip II. The two of them made it their mission to wipe out all the Protestants in England, the Netherlands and most of the rest of Europe. By fire. The wars of religion didn’t begin with the Muslims.

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