Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tallahassee Tantrum

Your tax dollars at work, fellow Floridians.

Florida’s Legislature collapsed into chaos Tuesday as the House unilaterally ended the annual session with more than three days left, leaving dozens of major bills dead and escalating tensions between the House and Senate over their health care stalemate.

The state Senate responded by remaining in session for two more hours and announcing plans to return Wednesday, an attempt to send the message that they are willing to work through the impasse that has bitterly divided Republicans, and frayed emotions.

“Nobody won today,” said Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, after the Senate adjourned for the day. “Nobody won. Taxpayers lost. It’s an unfortunate turn of events.”

“Unfortunate turn of events” describes dropping cigar ash into the deviled eggs at a wedding reception.  This kind of infantile behavior is proof that this crowd can’t be trusted with uncapped Sharpies.

There’s no guarantee anything will be accomplished in the special session that will have to be called after everyone’s had their time-out, and there’s a whole bloc of wingnuts who think that this is the best of all possible outcomes.

One of my co-workers wondered how those idiots ever got elected, to which I replied, “Well, somebody voted for them,” although with Florida elections, you can never be quite sure.

Jim Morin:

Morin 04-30-15

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  1. Our own Miami Herald columnist Fred Grimm summed it up beautifully in one sentence, “Some of the toughest kindergarteners in the state could only hoist their juice boxes and toast our state reps in admiration.”

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  2. As a retired Legislature employee, I have seen some really incredible tantrums but they rarely reached public level and never did a Speaker or Senate President walk out of the Session. I hope that the voters consider this event serious enough to clean the House in 2016.

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