Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wagon Train

Tenth in the series…

1984 Subaru GL wagon1984 Subaru GL wagon. I bought mine at Valley Subaru in Longmont, Colorado, after pouring way too much money into keeping the Jeep going. I paid $10K for it, and it came with 4×4, A/C and a stick shift. The only problem with it was that it was woefully underpowered at that altitude, and when I and my friends would go skiing, it had to be in low range to get up the approach to the Eisenhower Tunnel. At 69,000 miles the oil gauge sender blew out, and while I was assured by the service shop at Valley Subaru that there was no damage, the engine was fried. Despite the “extended powertain warranty” I bought with the car, they claimed it wasn’t covered and wanted $1,500 to rebuild the engine. I made a call to the Boulder County D.A.’s office of consumer protection and we worked out a deal. Six months later I sold it back to them when I found the Pontiac.