Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. Carson’s Logic

Dr. Ben Carson, a highly-respected neurosurgeon, has decided to run for president.  His selling point is that he has never held political office and is thereby unencumbered by all the baggage that comes from being a politician.

I get it that a lot of people think politics is not brain surgery, but how many people would want to have a brain tumor removed by someone who has never done the operation and is thereby unencumbered by all that training you get in med school?

The fact that we have elected a number of idiots to office at every level doesn’t mean that you don’t need highly-qualified people to do the job.

2 barks and woofs on “Dr. Carson’s Logic

  1. In this case the converse of that old saw is also true: brain surgery is not politics. I suspect Carson is in for a rude awakening mid-procedure – with no anaesthesia, and no outpatient therapy.

    More popcorn, please.

  2. Carson, Fiorino, Huckabee are all running to develop a brand that they hope will make them a lot of money without actually producing anything of value. They are the Kardashians of politics.

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