Monday, May 11, 2015

Even For Him

Gov. Rick Scott isn’t above using his dearly departed mother to con the federal government into approving his plan for privatizing Medicaid.

…the Florida Republican only supported Medicaid expansion as part of “a quid pro quo” to get a waiver from the Obama administration for Medicaid privatization.

Scott may have publicly claimed in 2013 that his position was about his “conscience” and deceased mother, but according to the governor’s new version of events, the rhetoric wasn’t actually sincere – his previous position was a calculated move to gain approval for his privatization plan.

He’s done more flip-flops on Medicaid expansion than the killer whales at Sea World, but when he uses his dead mother as the bait, it’s a new low.

One bark on “Even For Him

  1. Humph. My deceased mother would have benefited in no small amount from ACA coverage; one reason I was in favor of HRC’s plan back in ’93 and why I laughed bitterly at Medicare part D. Voldemort is just pandering to the “we shouldn’t have let Terri die” crowd. Death Eater, indeed.

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