Friday, May 29, 2015

Only Republicans Can Be Rich

George Pataki announced he’s running for the GOP nomination.  According to the Villagers, he’s a “moderate” compared to the rest of the field, perhaps because he has yet to appear on stage with Ted Nugent and hasn’t called climate change a hoax dreamed up by Satan to raise beachfront property prices in Miami.

But he’s launched his campaign by attacking Hillary Clinton, including chastising her for being a dirty capitalist.

“They say we are against the middle class. This too is nonsense,” he said. “Unless by middle class, they mean someone who left the White House ‘dead broke,’ and 10 years later had $100 Million. Unless by middle class they mean someone who charges a poor country $500,000 for a half-hour speech. That’s their party’s candidate. She speaks for the middle class? They are the party of privilege; we are the party of the middle class.”

When he says the Republicans are the “party of the middle class,” he must be thinking about how they have devoted so much time over the last twenty years to fucking them over with higher taxes, attempts to eviscerate labor unions, and fight every attempt to make healthcare accessible and affordable, well, yes, then he’s right: the GOP has been the party of the middle class much the same way drought relief has come to Texas in the past week.

As for mocking the Clintons for making money after leaving the White House, I can only assume that he’s still playing the Poor George routine; the governor in the frayed suit schtick was cute when he was in office, but even then he was learning how to win friends and get rich with other income than what the people of New York paid him.

The lesson here is that when a Republican strikes it rich, he or she is living the American dream and is a shining example for all the hard-working but struggling prols in the middle class, but a Democrat is a leach and an elitist.  Got it.

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  1. Ignore the man. He’s too old, too ugly and too boring on the podium. What makes a person believe the country needs him/her? An urge for a job on TV, the urge for more creamed chicken dinners, or meeting all those loveable voters-you-wish? Delusional.

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