Thursday, June 11, 2015

Constitutional Studies 101

Rick Santorum says if he was president, he would not enforce the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality because it violates the First Amendment.

“This is tantamount to government establishing religion,” Santorum said. “When the United States government comes in and says this is what you are going to believe, this is how you’re going to practice your faith, this is a new religion. This violates, in my opinion, the Establishment Clause in the Constitution that says that Congress shall make no law with respect to an establishment of religion. If the government goes around and tells churches what they have to believe in and what their doctrine is, that is something that is a violation of the First Amendment.”

Hey, Rick, Penn State called; they want their law degree back.

2 barks and woofs on “Constitutional Studies 101

  1. There are moments when I think Santorum thinks “freedom of religion” means “freedom to be [a certain type of] Roman Catholic.” It’s the one thing that distinguishes him from nearly every other GOTea candidate – who seem to think that that freedom means “freedom to be [a certain type of] Fundamentalist Evangelical Xtian.”

    I blame school boards. Lacking decent history classes, these volk never studied the Reformation – and the main reason that separation of Church and State was (and remains) such a big deal.

  2. Santorum: Today’s winner of completely missing the point. Yeah, he is pandering to his followers, but that context gets stripped out for the larger audience, and so the silly statement remains out there for everyone else to point at and laugh.

    He is not seriously running – to win the White House you need to be focused more than one move ahead, and we have 17 months to the election. No, he is trotting this stuff out to energize the base, and whomever is the (R) contender won’t have to when Santorum offers his delegates in support of the nominee.

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