Monday, June 15, 2015

Scene From A Wedding

Bob and the Old Professor were married yesterday.


I stood as best man for Bob.  I wish them many more years of happiness.

6 barks and woofs on “Scene From A Wedding

  1. Mustang, is that you with the neck-tie?

    I hates me some neck-tie, had to wear one 3 or 4 times a year for marketing software to the boss, new clicky million-dollar tool for staff, trying to create clean enviro data. Now I’m retired, and intend to only wear neck-ties to 1-3 star restaurants.

    Maybe to a wedding, if asked…

    Congrats to the couple, and to you for being there for them. Hurray, matrimonial freedom for all, finally!! Best wishes from the Mountaineer State!

    • Yes, that’s me with the tie, and I wore it because it’s the tie I got for my sister’s wedding in 1976. I wear it to all the weddings I go to now.

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