Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hillary Clinton gave her first long sit-down interview of her campaign to CNN the other day.  That would be big news, except that at the same time, Donald Trump sat down with Katy Tur from NBC News and big-footed Ms. Clinton’s story.

According to the Villagers, Ms. Clinton’s time before the cameras was not that good, but then again, the Clinton Rules of Journalism apply.

In a way you have to give it to Mr. Trump; he doesn’t give a shit what anybody else thinks, so he just goes off and says whatever pops into his head, whereas Ms. Clinton is very, very careful and wary, which makes people suspect she’s hiding something.

The difference is that Hillary Clinton actually wants to be president.  Donald Trump just wants people to watch him like some kid riding his bike down a steep hill with no hands.  Whee!

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  1. Atrios says that Trump is speaking what all the other Republicans think, but not in a “nice” way. The policies he espouses are theirs, fundamentally, and they know if they put him down he won’t be the only one to suffer the wrath of the wingers.

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