Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Do Your Job

Via TPM:

Rather than grant licenses to gay couples in light of the Supreme Court decision in favor of same-sex marriage, at least two county clerks in Kentucky are not issuing marriage licenses to any couples — gay or straight — for the time being.

The clerks offices of Casey County and Rowan County confirmed to TPM Tuesday that at the moment the clerks are not granting any marriage licenses. The Clinton County clerks office would only tell TPM “no comment” when repeatedly asked whether marriage licenses of any type were being issued there.

Here’s a comment: if you can’t do your job because you don’t like the people who are coming to you for your service, then quit.  This also goes for pharmacists who won’t fill birth control prescriptions for women you know aren’t married or dudes selling hardware to people you suspect of being gay.

When you work for a government entity, your first duty is to obey the law, and when you open a business to the public, your first duty is to serve the public; all of them.  So do it or get out.  God will understand.

One bark on “Do Your Job

  1. You would think all this “God doesn’t approve of me approving of this” shit would have been dealt with by now. After all, Quakers do not join the Army and then say they can’t be infantry, do they? If people with religious objections to killing become military, they serve as medics, or cooks, or SOMEthing else than 11B.

    It should be likewise in the civilian world. If they have tender little patriarchal designs upon the lives of others, don’t be a pharmacist or a county clerk — go be a missionary pain in the ass somewhere else, please!

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