Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not Outrageous Enough

I’d like to think that Mike Huckabee’s going Godwin on the Iran nuclear deal would mean the end of his public presence, but frankly he’s not really saying anything that the rest of the GOP hasn’t been saying since the deal was agreed to.  He just used a graphic metaphor that Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz didn’t think of.

So this outrage from Jeb Bush and the rest of the right-wing noise machine sounds more like they’re glad he’s taking the heat for saying out loud what they’ve all been thinking.

What all this ranting, raving, and way over the top spittlefleck from the Republicans reveals is that they are really, really worried about the Iran nuclear deal.  Not because it might result in a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, but that it might actually bring an end to the Iran nuclear program and the beginning of the end of the diplomatic icejam between Tehran and Washington.  And worst of all, it is a huge win for Barack Obama in the last years of his term in office.

They’d rather have the bomb.  Without it, they’ve got nothing but peace and a Democratic president looking like a statesman, and no Republican can ever put up with that.

This isn’t the first time the GOP has put party politics over policy; far from it.  The most glaring example in recent memory was William Kristol’s memo in 1993 telling the party to defeat the Clinton administration’s plan for health care reform because if it succeeded, the population would like it and credit the Democrats for it.  Therefore it had to fail.  That informs the resistance to Obamacare: forget that it’s saving money and lives; it could be bad for the party at election time.  The same goes for the Iran nuclear deal.  What would you rather have, an agreement to stop the arms race or a Republican in the White House?

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