Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nuclear Deal Made With Iran

From the New York Times:

VIENNA — Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States have agreed to a historic accord to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions against Iran, a senior Western diplomat involved in the negotiations said on Tuesday.

The deal, which President Obama had long sought as the biggest diplomatic achievement of his presidency, culminates 20 months of negotiations.

A formal announcement of the agreement was expected later on Tuesday, when foreign ministers from Iran and the six nations it has been negotiating with will meet at a United Nations complex in Vienna. Catherine Ray, a spokeswoman for the European Union, said a final plenary meeting of the six nations — Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States — will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Vienna, followed by a news conference, but she provided no further details.

Congress will now have 60 days to accept or reject it.  That means that the Republicans will rip it to shreds because it was negotiated by the Obama administration and therefore is a sellout to his secret Muslim brothers, ignoring the fact that five other nations, including Russia and China, were in on the deal.  Of course they are; Barack Obama is also a socialist and a collectivist and he holds sway over the rest of the world when he’s not a weak-willed nuancer.

Cue up the following:

Sen. John McCain:  This is a terrible deal and we’ll all be blown to smithereens.

Sen. Lindsey Graham:  Yeah, what daddy said.

Reporter:  Have you read the deal?

Sen. McCain:  Of course not!  What a stupid question!

Sen. Graham:  Why all this talk when there’s a perfectly good war to be waged?

Peace out.

3 barks and woofs on “Nuclear Deal Made With Iran

  1. Mustn’t forget Sen. Cotton screeching about how this will cause the Entire Middle East to Explode and how Ahmurrca must repudiate this unconstitutional negotiation immediately. Or Trump/King/Arpaio whinging about how this will enable Iranians to slip across the border pretending to be Mexicans, or Sen. Ernst and candidate Carson insisting that Iranian tankers be prevented from offloading their Shiite Islamic crude before it converts Ahmurrcan automobiles to Atheist Sharia Soshulism.

    /snark (maybe?)

  2. Of course the Republicans will disrespect POTUS. Instead of bombing and hating people he is trying to do something positive. We don’t need to be the policeman of the world and endlessly engage in war.

  3. I’m sure the Republicans are aware that FIVE other nations were in the negotiations? But of course, the soundbites are for their base – evil Obama is appeasing those middle eastern folk who dare to hold our oil under their country. Even if they sink the US signing the treaty, I’m pretty sure the other five will have no problem. Once again showing which party is working towards peace in the world, and which wants to ride that nuke down to ground zero…

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