Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Short Takes

Germany is keeping the pressure on Greece.

President Obama says we will battle ISIS on two fronts: militarily  and ideologically.

Many non-violent drug offense prisoners could be freed by the president.

South Carolina Senate votes to take down Confederate flag.

Scientists excited about possible AIDS vaccine.

R.I.P. Jerry Weintraub, 77, Hollywood producer.

The Tigers beat the Mariners 12-5.

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  1. I have to insert a comment somewhere so this is the place I choose: Thomas Pickety, the French economist with a best selling book (believe it or not) reminds us that Germany is the ONE European country that has never repaid its debts. Not after WW1 or WW2. And after the Franco-Prussian war they imposed such drastic penalties on France it drove the country into a depression that lasted for years. So we see that, once the nation of the Kaiser and Hitler terrorized their neighbors with their war machine and now they’re doing it by starving Greece. Germany needs to read its history, although I admit that’s a long shot.

    • Not only that, Germany occupied Greece during World War II and left it, like they did most of their occupied territories, in ruins.

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