Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tough Time For A Tough Team

Craig Calcaterra visited Comerica Park to see why the Tigers are struggling this month.

DetroitTigersNo, the Tigers were not in first place, but they hovered between four and six games back of the Royals. We’ve seen this sort of thing from them before. In 2014 they were three games back in late August. They were six games back in June of 2012 and still trailed by four and a half as late as July 7, but again won the division. They’ve rarely been a perfect team, but they have the best hitter in baseball and you can never go more than a couple of days without having to face one of their former Cy Young winners. The Tigers have always had another gear.

On the Friday night of my first weekend trip, however, Miguel Cabrera was on first base and then broke for second base on an attempted hit-and-run. He pulled up lame and was eventually diagnosed with a Grade 3 calf strain. He’d be placed on the disabled list the next day and is not expected back until late August at the earliest.

Cabrera’s prognosis was announced on the morning of July 4, before a daytime tilt with the Blue Jays. And, that morning, everyone seemed pretty relaxed. Despite losing Cabrera, the Tigers won the game the night before.

Manager Brad Ausmus was certainly not pleased to lose the man he called “the best hitter on the planet,” but he was pretty zen about it all, saying “We still have a very good offense, with names like Cespedes, and [J.D.] Martinez and [Victor] Martinez. And we’re going to need some contributions from other places as well. It doesn’t have to be one person that steps up. It can be a number of people that step up over the course of this timeframe.”

Justin Verlander has more time in with this club than Ausmus does and he, for one, was not panicking.

“You can either look at it negatively or positively. And I think this is a positive clubhouse,” Verlander said. It’s time for everyone to step up . . . If the veterans aren’t panicking the young guys aren’t.”

Catcher Alex Avila said “I don’t think anyone is going to feel sorry for us . . . I’m not giving up in here, and if there’s anyone else giving up in here you can pack your bags and leave. With him going down, it hurts us, but there’s still a lot of good players on this team. We’ve got to keep it there for when he gets back and make a run at this.”

Mr. Calcaterra goes on to explore the possibility of Tiger management swapping out some players and getting fresh blood.  But one of the things that have served the Tigers well has been their loyalty — sometimes to a fault — to their players.  Their coaching staff is made up of veterans from years past such as the legendary Al Kaline and Gene Lamont.  Unlike some teams I could name (*cough*Marlins*cough*), they know the value of keeping the team together for more than just stats, and their record over the last twenty years has proven it.

Mark my words: they’re going to be in the running for the pennant this year.

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  1. Oh thank you for those words of comfort. I’ve been saying to myself over and over that hey, it’s still only July and there are many weeks to go. Miggy will be back in a month and he’s been the glue that holds the whole team together even if his hitting has been streaky recently. So keep the faith. Better days are ahead.

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