Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Will Jeb! Apologize To John Kerry?

It was expected that most (but not all) of the Republicans would come down hard on Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain, and of course Jeb Bush was right in there:

Jeb Bush on Trump 07-20-15

How noble of him to defend veterans against slanderous attacks.  That’s now, though.  Ten years ago he was decidedly in favor of it.

It turns out that in 2005, Jeb thought one veteran in particular should be attacked. He even thanked other veterans for swiftboating John Kerry, whom Republican conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, who has never served his country, decided to accuse of cowardice in order to keep him out of the White House…


So Jeb, who at least (unlike Trump – or his brother) had not escaped service by deferment but who graduated late enough that he was simply never called up, feels it is wrong to attack a Republican veteran, John McCain, but perfectly permissible to attack a Democratic veteran, John Kerry.


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