Monday, August 3, 2015

At The Movies

I went with Bob and the Old Professor yesterday afternoon to see Mr. Holmes with Ian McKellen as an aging Sherlock Holmes. I highly recommend it, but if you go, call the theatre and find out what time the feature actually starts.

We bought tickets for the 1:10 showing, but by the time we go through the ads, the previews of coming attractions which are so long why bother to see the actual film, and the warnings about what do to “in case of an emergency,” which is a polite way to tell you to duck and cover when the guy behind you with the AK-47 goes off, they finally got around to showing the film at 1:31.

Why don’t movie theatres come with a Mute button?

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  1. Interesting that the theatre did the “duck and cover” PSA. NoVA hasn’t bothered with those yet – despite the number of “incidents” in the area (VA Tech, Navy Yard etc).

  2. Oh we live in such a backwater I can’t imagine being shot at in the movies. Still . . .

    As for the ads and junk before the show actually begins: I’ve learned to suffer with it if we choose to go during prime time, so we’re regulars in the afternoon when only old guys are there or people without a job. Lots of empty seats, no families with bored kids throwing popcorn, no high school kids texting in spite of the theater’s urging “no cellphones, please”. If you go to the later show you risk not getting seated if you’re late so you just have to grin and bear it. A theater has to make money somehow.

  3. “Why don’t movie theatres come with a Mute button?”

    I ask that about our kids. Which is why we don’t know what goes on in theaters any more, and wait until the movies come out on DVD…

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