Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Flight

There’s a first time for everything: using the internet while in flight. Not as fast as DSL, but then, it’s like when you see a pig fly, you don’t criticize the gracefulness; you’re just amazed he’s doing it at all.

In Flight 08-06-15We had a little adventure with an expired passport at check-in this morning, but a quick phone call, curbside delivery, and we (obviously) made it to the plane in plenty of time.  This is one reason I get to the airport early; just in case of things like that.  So far so good.

(I’m not mentioning any names, but my passport is up to date.)

One bark on “In Flight

  1. So is the Old Professor’s. If only some had given him the right one the first time it would have been fine. I have already done my penance by having to drive to the airport twice in the pre-dawn hours.

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