Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Justice For All

William Kristol is having wet dreams about the ideal Republican candidate just in case Donald Trump and Ted Cruz don’t bring in the voters.

Who could such a mysterious dark horse be? Well, it’s not as if every well-qualified contender is already on the field. Mitch Daniels was probably the most successful Republican governor of recent times, with federal executive experience to boot. Paul Ryan is the intellectual leader of Republicans in the House of Representatives, with national campaign experience. The House also features young but tested leaders like Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy and Mike Pompeo. There is the leading elected representative of the 9/11 generation who has also been a very impressive freshman senator, Tom Cotton. There could be a saner and sounder version of Trump—another businessman who hasn’t held electoral office. And there are distinguished conservative leaders from outside politics; Justice Samuel Alito and General (ret.) Jack Keane come to mind.

You read that right: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for president because there aren’t enough white straight men already in the race and they need a little diversity, y’know?

Of course, if Justice Alito did run, he’d have to resign from the Court and that would give President Obama a chance to appoint someone.  I doubt he’ll replace Mr. Alito with another right-wing jurist.  I wonder if Mr. Kristol took that into consideration.

6 barks and woofs on “Justice For All

  1. Just read this: the dream ticket for the Republican party would be John Kasich and Marco Rubio – Ohio and Florida, old & wise plus young and vigorous. Democrats would have no chance against this team with either Hillary or Bernie, saith the sooth. Too old with too much baggage. Any ideas of your own, people?

  2. @FC&BC: Is it wrong that my first thought on that ticket was “May/December”, and that my second was trying to figure out who’d be on top? Because the only way those two are getting into the WH for longer than the visitors’ tour is if they arrange a night in the Lincoln Bedroom…

  3. Well, not a huge fan of either Hillary OR Bernie…I think if Trump can stay in the campaign another eight or nine months, it doesn’t matter in the least who the Dem’s nominate. If Trump gets the nod, a significant enough number of Republicans won’t even go to the polls. If he drops out within a few months of the convention, a different but significant segment of the party won’t turn out. And if he goes third party, well…the Dem’s could run Al Sharpton and Anthony Wiener and still win.

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