Monday, August 3, 2015

Live On Stage

Via Bloomberg, here are some of the rules for Thursday night’s GOP debate on Fox.

Candidates who are called upon will be given only 30 seconds for rebuttals. If a candidate’s name is invoked during someone else’s answer to a question, that candidate will get a chance to respond for a length of time at the moderator’s discretion…

On the crowded stage of 10 candidates, the candidate with the highest polling numbers – currently real estate mogul Donald Trump – will stand at the center of the stage, with lower-polling candidates fanned out in alternating order to the left and right.

I will be out of the country seeing a performance of The Alchemist.  It’s the story of con artists who fleece the greedy fools.

One bark on “Live On Stage

  1. I note C-SPAN is interviewing the entire cast of characters tonight from 7 to 9 and replaying the whole thing at 9:30. So you’re not out of luck after all. Heh…

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