Friday, August 14, 2015

Not A Good Deal

Jeb Bush:

I’ll tell you, taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal.

No, it wasn’t.  No matter how you spin it, it was a bad deal.  Even the people of Iraq think they were better off before with a secular dictator than they are now with a weak and corrupt propped-up regime.  Certainly the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded, if they could speak from the graves from Arlington to Baghdad, would not say it was a “pretty good deal.”

The only good deal to come from this is that the more Jeb! talks about Iraq and the legacy of his brother and father, the more we are reminded that he should not become president.

3 barks and woofs on “Not A Good Deal

  1. It was, in truth, an extremely good deal – for Blackwater, and Custer Battles, and Halliburton, and ExxonMobil, and…

    Got to consider the intended audience when listening to Shrubbery.

  2. More than a million dead, well before the US relinquished involvement. Long, long before. not hundreds of thousands.

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