Thursday, August 27, 2015

Short Takes

Yet again.

U.S. stock markets rallied after six down sessions.

Two American service members were killed in Afghanistan by an “insider” attack from an Afghan soldier.

The Mormons will stay with the Boy Scouts after all.

Tropical Update: Tropical Storm Erika is drawing a bead on the Leewards, the Bahamas, and could be a Cat 1 hurricane by this weekend.

The Tigers beat the Angels 5-0 as Justin Verlander gets this close to a no-hitter.

One bark on “Short Takes

  1. Here in Roanoke, we’re in mourning. Again. Seemed not too long ago we were mourning Virginia Tech.

    And yet, to talk about gun control brings out the venom from many corners. Roanoke’s a small blue dot in sea of red. Most of my friends are progressive liberals. It’s exhausting being shouted down by the crazies.

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