Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Lure of the Loser

Commenter JB at TPM:

Trump’s comments are erratic, but I think at bottom he is very disciplined and always on his message: “I win.” Everything he does and says builds on this same core pitch, which he laid out in his opening campaign speech:

Do you feel like a loser? Well, guess what, you should. You are losing. We are losing. To the Mexicans. To the Chinese. To Iran. To bossy women. To Everybody. It is not morning in America; we suck right now. You suck.

Are you tired of it? Are you fed up with being a loser? Are you tired of getting pushed around and getting your ass kicked? Do you want to win (again)? Instead of losing, would you rather kick ass, be the boss, sleep with models and get rich? Then vote for me. I win. I kick ass. I get rich. I marry models but kick them out if they give me any lip. I tell people I don’t like to shove it on a daily basis and I never, ever apologize.Let’s win again. Let’s kick ass together. Let’s Trump. …..

This isn’t a new tactic for a politician.  Telling the masses that they are the downtrodden, the forgotten, the loser, has been around as long as there have been political campaigns, and it’s a seductive message that works.

History is littered with the remains of dictators and demagogues who used it to rally the torches and pitchforks brigade, and it feeds on prejudice and exploitation.

Campaigns like this end with body counts.