Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today in Chutzpah

Headline in the New York TimesBush Blames Clinton and Obama for Iraq’s Decline.

Seriously?  Has he talked to his brother about this?  Does he forget that there was this little thing called the Status of Forces Agreement that the last Bush administration signed that basically said that U.S. forces would get out, and when the Obama administration tried to renegotiate it because Iraq was falling apart, the Maliki government refused to go along?

Or how about this: We wouldn’t have been there in the first place if George W. Bush and his minions hadn’t lied, misstated, and bullied their way into the war?

Piss off, Jeb!

One bark on “Today in Chutzpah

  1. Politicians running for office, especially running for President, have always been exaggerated prevaricators but this year they have developed into full time, outright , in-your-face liars who feel no shame in standing behind their low life conduct. Making it worse is the media who are more than willing to report the BS even when they know it’s BS.

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