Sunday, September 27, 2015

One bark on “A Little Night Music

  1. I hope this little anecdote brings a gentle smile to your face. My Dad was 5 years older than my mom. Daddy died in Oct, 2007 at age 92. Sweet Mommy is still with us at 95(!). At Daddy’s memorial at the Elk’s Club, the Pastor kindly rounded up an audio of THEIR SONGS…..You Are My Sunshine and Two Sleepy People. Imagine my surprise when I thought to Google it, as this video was very much like the stylings of TSP, and the leader of the band that produced it?? Fats Waller, of course. In their retirement they bought a 26′ deep sea fishing boat….many good days, as you would imagine. His ashes are in storage, and my mom has made pre-arrangements for their disposal with a very nice Charter Boat Fisherman at Winchester Bay, OR, their boat-docking home. Thanks again, I will be sending a link to my sister to play for my mom.

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