Thursday, September 17, 2015

All That Talk

I did not watch the debates last night.  I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday, so I shut off the TV after a re-run of The Big Bang Theory and read until I fell asleep.  So I don’t have any insight as to who won, who lost, who showed up, who didn’t, or who is the new flavor of the month.  (Given the fluffing NPR has been doing for Carly Fiorina, I’m guessing she was under the gun to perform.)

So, did you watch?  Was there any substance or light shed at all?

I’ll be poking through the news feeds to see if there’s anything other than shiny objects to note.  I fear my quest will be for naught, and I will find it.

PS: I see that the whole thing — including the debate with the asterisks — lasted for five hours.  Really?  You could have flown from Miami to Seattle in that time and still come out ahead.  I hear the coffee is really good there.

8 barks and woofs on “All That Talk

  1. Sadly, I watched some of the last hour. No one talked about jobs. All it seemed to be was talk about abortion, immigration, and stuff like that. I truly always vote my pocketbook; any wonder I vote for the Democrats?

  2. Of course I didn’t watch, but I’m catching up on the few points HuffPost thinks worthy of noting, one of which is that JEB! offered the name of Margaret Thatcher when asked who he would suggest as a face on the new $20. Really. And Donald thinks Carly is really beautiful after all.

  3. I was at work, thank God! Donald Trump, seriously? And my governor, Kasich, really, they consider him a moderate? Not so much for us here in Ohio.

  4. Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention that GWB kept us safe? I remember 9/11. As far as I remember that happened on his watch. Give me a break!

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