Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beat By The Clock

The story about the kid who happened to be Muslim who built an alarm clock and touched of a xenophobic panic in his public school in Texas is a microcosm of just how seriously stupid, cowardly, and bullying this country has become in the last fifteen years.

Seriously, people.  What the fuck?

The saving grace is that President Obama is effectively trolling every breathless bedwetter out there and inviting Ahmed Mohamed to bring his science project to the White House.

One bark on “Beat By The Clock

  1. It goes deeper than that. Turns out his dad is a major voice in the local Islamic community – and the city is run by Xtian wingnuts. Less “smart kid gets harassed by school/LEOs for bringing cool gizmo to class” and more “local Islamic figure’s kid gets harassed by FundiEvangelist wingnut Islamophobes.”

    It’s working, BTW: according to Now Presenting Republicans this morning, Ahmed isn’t going back to that school and is looking for somewhere more intelligent tolerant to attend class.

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