Monday, September 14, 2015

It’s Getting To Be A Regular Thing

Every time we get close to the end of a budget year, the Republicans threaten a government shutdown.

This time it’s over Planned Parenthood funding based on bogus videos cobbled together to present a series of lies.

If you think this is ridiculously stupid, remember that this was also the party that shut down the government in 1995 because Newt Gingrich didn’t get to exit Air Force One from the front of the plane.

2 barks and woofs on “It’s Getting To Be A Regular Thing

  1. I find it interesting (curious?) that John Kasich warned his compatriots that trying shut down the government so to defund Planned Parenthood is stupid and dangerous to the Party. What have we here?

    • He is someone to watch. He most likely will not survive the primaries, but if he does he will be a strong candidate. He’s what use to pass as conservative with a long political record in congress, as governor and time in the private sector. He comes off as reasonable, not hard to do given the field, but he could give the Democratic nominee a good fight. I have felt this way since I watched his presidential announcement speech.

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