Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Watching

It’s hard not to see the coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S.; I’m surprised that the basic cable channels that run repeats of Law & Order 24/7 haven’t switched over to coverage.

Are you watching any of it?

3 barks and woofs on “Pope Watching

  1. The pope talks about family and working together while congress sits there all smiles and dewy eyed in their suits of Teflon.

  2. I’ve watched all of it and I’m an atheist. I’m also about to join Freedom From Religion Foundation, an old nonprofit that has a marvelous ad in today’s Times with a long list of all that’s terrible about Catholic dogma. But there’s something about this canny old guy that’s charming. I love his taking it to the Congress as they sat enthralled while he told them “Get With It!” – do something about climate change and embrace all immigrants including refugees. I suspect this will all melt away by the end of the month, but for now, it’s been a ball.

  3. I was home so I watched it. He has a lot of compassion and I like that. I certainly agree with many things he says. There are other things that I don’t agree with but that is part of being human. Good old John Boehner was there, crying per usual. He may talk the talk but he could care less about the poor. He is too busy kissing up to his rich donors and playing golf.

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