Thursday, October 29, 2015

Battle In Boulder: Teacher vs. Student

I didn’t watch it, but based on what I’m reading from various sources, it wasn’t a good night for CNBC or Jeb Bush; the former for the moderators asking Oprah-like questions such as “what’s your greatest weakness,” and Mr. Bush for taking on Marco Rubio like a teacher scolding a student and getting smacked down deftly in return.

I guess that now makes Mr. Rubio the flavor of the month.  It will be his turn again for the bump in the polls and the fawning from the pundits.  He probably needs it now that up until last night the trend was that Mr. Rubio’s lack of interest in actually doing his job as a senator was the newest knock against him.  He turned the table on Jeb Bush’s questioning his dedication to the job and made it one of those click-bait “You’re no Jack Kennedy” or “There you go again” moments.  But from what I gather, he never really did answer the question: why aren’t you doing your damn job?

This may not have been the defining moment when historians look back and say this was when Marco Rubio became a front-runner, but it will be the time when they say that Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign basically took a turn for the worse and from here on out it was just sad.