Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fact Checking

Not that it matters, but there are people and media outlets who keep track of what candidates say in debates and check to see if they’re true.  So it was with last night’s debate in Boulder.

Here’s the list of favorites from McClatchy; here’s the Washington Post’s list of howlers, and here’s the New York Times chiming in to correct the record.

It seems like a bit of a fool’s errand to do it; there are people who still believe the bullshit no matter what the facts are.

One bark on “Fact Checking

  1. I watch last nights debate as well as the previous debates on both sides of the alley. I’m really concerned with the candidates presenting the facts, why would we expect that from any of them. My issue lies with the moderators allowing the candidate to not respond to the question. Yes, I know this really isn’t a debate, its more about political theater and TV ratings. Only once last night did the moderator actually confront the candidate, Ted Cruz who went off on to left field and ran out of time. When he was stopped because of time, he complained about the liberal media and not allowing him to answer the question. The moderator, rightly told him, he had a chance to respond to the question but chose to go in a different direction.

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