Wednesday, October 28, 2015

He’s Had It

Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t like some of the other folks that are running for president.

Do you know how crazy this election is?” he shouted during a pre-debate rally in Ohio on Tuesday. “Let me tell you something. I’ve about had it with these people. Let me tell you why. We got one candidate that says we ought to abolish Medicaid and Medicare. You ever heard anything so crazy as that, telling our people in this country who are seniors or about to be seniors that we’re going to abolish Medicaid or Medicare,” Kasich continued, referencing Ben Carson who has changed his opinion on the matter seemingly overnight.

“We got one guy that says we ought to take 10 or 11 million people and pick them up, where the—I don’t know where, we’re going to go in their homes, their apartments. We’re going to pick them up and we’re going to take them to the border and scream at them to get out of our country,” Kasich said in an obvious dig at frontrunner Donald Trump. “Well that’s just crazy. That is just crazy.”

“We got one candidate that claimed, one candidate that actually said that the reason why we signed an agreement with Ford to bring jobs back from Mexico is because he’s been yelling for the last week ok,” Kasich said again referencing Trump to uproarious laughter. “That was like something out of a Back to the Future movie.”

This is an interesting campaign strategy: “Pick me; I’m not as crazy as the rest of them.”  It just might work.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham is having his own Jon Lovitz moment:

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Monday that he couldn’t believe he was losing to GOP rival Dr. Ben Carson, who, as Graham put it, once “tried to kill someone.”


“On our side, you’ve got the No. 2 guy tried to kill someone at 14 and the No. 1 guy is high energy and crazy as hell,” Graham said. “How am I losing to these people? Just look at Donald Trump’s foreign policy. What is it? What’s he going to do about ISIL? What is it? What is it? What is his game plan to destroy ISIL? Does anybody know?”

Gee, Senator, I don’t know.  After all, the Republicans have spent the last seven years demonizing Barack Obama as a secretly gay Kenyan Muslim and depicting his wife and family as extras from the Planet of the Apes movies.  So you really don’t know why your base would be all hopped up over people who are “high energy and crazy as hell”?