Friday, October 2, 2015

Nothing Will Be Done

Despite President Obama’s crie de coeur (see below), this yet-again shooting will not change anything.  Oh, there will be the obligatory vigils, the interviews with the families, the speculation on the motive, the tugs at the heart, but in the end, the politicians will shrug and say that freedom isn’t free, and then they’ll be off to a fundraiser hosted by the NRA.

Charlie Pierce:

I will tell you when I knew that the latest mass murder by gunfire in the United States wasn’t going to matter very much in relation to this country’s insane attachment to its firearms. It was the moment when one of the two CNN anchors felt obligated to mention that the campus of Umpqua College was a gun-free zone. For the record, Oregon is an open-carry state generally, but the courts there have ruled that colleges could ban weapons from campus buildings, and that is only going to make the inevitable rhetoric worse. Judges are going to be blamed. Academics are going to be blamed. The people turning a buck on our regularly scheduled carnage know how to duck when the blood coats the breeze. If only all the students were strapped, 13 of them wouldn’t be dead because the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and so forth, forward into a general grave.

“I heard at least nine shots,” he said. “There’s a door connecting our classroom to that classroom, and my teacher was going to knock on the door,” Mr. Winder said. “But she called out, `Is everybody O.K.?’ and then we heard a bunch more shots. We all froze for about half a second.” “We heard people screaming next door,” he said. “And then everybody took off. People were hopping over desks, knocking things over.” All the classrooms in the building open to the outdoors—there are no hallways, Mr. Winder said—and “as we were running away, I think there were more shots, but my brain was kind of panic mode, just focused on running as fast as I could.”

See, this is what we have to understand. The full and free exercise of Second Amendment rights can be dreadfully inconvenient to the academic process, not to mention anyone who wants to live to be 25.

Mr. Grogan said students were evacuated to a local fairgrounds. “The police searched everybody,” Mr. Winder said, “searching their jackets and bags for weapons, before putting them on buses.”

See, there’s the barn. See how the door is locked. And over there, disappearing over a high and distant hill, that’s the horse.

And that’s the way it will always be.

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  1. It is a crime and a shame that we are killing one another like this. We have too many guns and not enough common sense. I am beyond tired of the senseless killing.

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