Monday, October 12, 2015

Reality or Snarkery

I can’t tell if Ross Douthat is serious or sarcastic in his column suggesting that since there’s no one in the GOP leadership in the House who will make the Tea Party faction happy, they should reach out and appoint the junior Senator from Utah, Mike Lee, a Tea Party hero, as the next Speaker of the House.  There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the Speaker has to be a member of Congress.

If he’s suggesting that the 200+plus Republicans who aren’t members of the “Freedom Caucus” should capitulate to the 40 slavering whack-jobs, then it really doesn’t matter who fills the job because it’s gone from being a body of government to a hostage situation.

I’m no constitutional scholar, but I don’t think that this is what the Framers had in mind: the entire House of Representatives being run by ten percent of the entire body.  If they cave in to them, what’s next?  No passage of the debt limit or budget reconciliation until they’ve impeached Barack Obama for not being an American and started yet another investigation in to why Hillary Clinton didn’t certify that secret communication from the Nigerian Minister of Banking as classified?

Frankly I can’t tell if Mr. Douthat is serious or not, but it really seems like we’ve gone pretty far into Cloud Cuckooland when we can’t tell reality vs. snarkery.

One bark on “Reality or Snarkery

  1. Who among “the 200+plus Republicans who aren’t members of the ‘Freedom Caucus'” is not scared BLEEPless of the Teahadi presence in his/her district? Who in that crowd is not on board with that group’s wingnutty agenda? The time has passed when there were flavors of Republican: there’s only the terminally crazy and the former-party-members. OF course the remainder of the GOTea will fall in line behind the Freedom Caucus: the only difference between the FCs and the rest is that they’ll spout their b#tsh!ttery out loud and on the record.

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