Saturday, October 24, 2015

2 barks and woofs on “Saturday Orchid Blogging

  1. Sweet, Bobby.

    Beautiful flowers. We try to grow them up here, but the climate is just so hard on flowers who need humidity. We have one in the bathroom, hoping the occasional showers will help it. There’s a window we set it in too.

    But just having a great outdoor garden with tropical orchids is wonderful.

    Mind, I couldn’t trade that for putting up with the tropical climate down there, but still beautiful.

    Have fun at the car show. I have my Dad’s roadster, a 1990 Chrysler TC, which I guess is an antique now. A pretty car, with a tobacco leather interior, only 30K miles, since it was never a daily driver.

    • Thank you. The thing about orchids is that down here they are everywhere; they grow wild. I could kill a geranium, but I let the orchids just hang out, so to speak, in the yard and nature takes its course.

      The Chrysler is both technically an antique — over 25 years old — and very collectible since it was the result of a short-lived venture between Chrysler and Maserati. “TC” stands for “Two Companies.” In good condition they are worth something. Hang on to it.

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