Friday, October 23, 2015

Totally Cool

I don’t know how Hillary Clinton did it.  Eleven hours of putting up with right-wing nutsery, smuggery, and just plain bullshit.

Yet she was all this:

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Cool 10-22-15

I would have been all this:

Toby Jorrin/TRIBUNE   2003.02.21 Rio Grande coach Ron Garcia argues with an official over the number of free throws awarded to Rio Rancho after being called for a technical foul in the second quarter.

Classy lady.

6 barks and woofs on “Totally Cool

  1. I watched almost the whole thing, and I don’t know what that Jim Jordan was on, but that guy needs to see a psychiatrist! HRC won the Republican marathon over 4 people dying, such a waste on the Republicans side.

    • He represents my state and he’s pretty much typical. The exceptions to Repugs like Portman, Boehner and Jordan are Marcy Kaptur from the OH9, longest serving female in the House, and the great Senator, Sherrod Brown.

  2. I can’t believe i watched the whole thing. As it turned out MSNBC was making it sort of interesting and I waited for the Democrats to get in their indignation about the entire exercise, which to my satisfaction was properly loud and clear. Tammy Duckworth tried to move the mess into an area where it might have been worth something. She hammered the need for upgrades to security for foreign service people everywhere . . . what went wrong and what would future administrations do to improve the protections of brave people who are trying to reach out in dangerous places. But Tammy’s voice cried out in the wilderness of useless blather, nasty attacks and false presumptions. Sigh . . .

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