Friday, November 13, 2015

No Academic Freedom For You, Little Lady

A Missouri state legislator is trying to shut down a doctoral dissertation on Missouri’s abortion laws.

Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) claimed in a letter to the university chancellor dated Oct. 30 that the university is breaking the law by allowing the student to carry out her research. The grad student is studying a recently imposed law requiring women in Missouri to wait 72 hours between the time they seek information about an abortion and the point at which they have the procedure.

It’s the latest in an ongoing battle between state lawmakers and the university over its relationship to Planned Parenthood. A decision by the university in September to cancel 10 contracts with Planned Parenthood helped fuel recent protests on campus that led to the ouster of the university system’s president and the flagship campus’ chancellor.

Schaefer is chairman of the Missouri senate’s interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life and a GOP candidate for state attorney general. The state senate began investigating Mizzou’s ties to Planned Parenthood this year after an anti-abortion group released heavily edited videos purporting to show that the women’s health clinics were selling aborted fetal tissue. No evidence has emerged to prove this assertion; rather, some Planned Parenthood clinics request the reimbursement for the cost of delivering tissue to be used for medical research.

It sounds like Mr. Schaefer is afraid that research will discover that the law is based on pseudoscience and mythology, not to mention a lot of misogyny and patriarchy.  Oh, and it never hurts to generate a little free publicity for someone running for office to get his name in the papers, even if it’s for a totally bullshit reason.

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